AMGO SML-6 Portable Single Post Lift


The AMGO SML-6 is a lightweight, portable single-post lift for lifting and lowering objects. It rolls on a smooth concrete surface and can lift up to three tons. Because it's so light, it can be used anywhere, such as a service shop or weekend mechanic's shop. Because it can roll away to be stored when not in use, it's easy to move to different locations. The AMGO SML-6 is available in Mechanic Superstore single post car lift reviews a wide variety of sizes, and it requires little space.

Portable single post lift

The AMGO SML-6 portable single post lift is the perfect tool for shops and homeowners with limited space. It rolls across flat surfaces and can lift up to three tons of vehicle weight. The AMGO SML-6 can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for both commercial and residential service shops. Featuring an innovative design and high-quality construction, this product is sure to be a great addition to any workshop.

The AMGO SML-6 6-Post is ideal for shops with low ceilings and offers an excellent working height for tires, brakes, and body repairs. Its easy-to-use parts list makes it a versatile and durable piece of equipment for any work site. This portable lift is also easy to assemble, with easy-to-use handles on the front and rear. It is available in three sizes, ranging from small to large.


The AMGO SML-6 single post lift is a durable, portable solution for shops with limited space. This lift can lift three tons of weight and rolls easily over a concrete floor. It's also perfect for weekend mechanics and small commercial service shops. It features self-lubricating bronze bushings and sliders, and quality power units. The lift is backed by a five-year warranty on steel structured components, three years on hydraulic parts, and a two-year warranty on electrical and hydraulic components.

AMGO pays special attention to manufacturing technology, product design, and material purchasing. The company performs all work in-house, maintaining control over costs and quality. Quality components are used to create durable products, so customers will experience less maintenance and service costs. AMGO is dedicated to quality, so their products meet the highest standards. Its process is held to high standards. The company also uses only high-quality parts. And because they are made from the highest quality components, the lifts will last for a long time and require less service than other models.


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The AMGO SML-6 is a portable single-post lift designed for small to medium-sized businesses and home users. It rolls across any flat surface and allows the operator to walk under the vehicle. The SML-6 is a perfect solution for service shops that need a safe, easy way to reach high-up cars and trucks. It does not require any additional storage space. The AMGO SML-6 is designed for commercial use and is highly versatile.


The AMGO SML-6 is a single-post, portable lift that is ideal for service shops and weekend mechanics alike. With a weight capacity of 3 tons, the SML-6 rolls easily on a flat concrete surface and is an excellent choice for commercial service shops and weekend mechanics. This is a great choice for anyone who needs to carry out service and maintenance work on cars and motorcycles. It is also easy to install and provides the ultimate in portability.